Boiler Types

We work with many leading manufacturers to offer a range of boilers to suit your home. All boilers are A-rated and installed by expert engineers. Upgrading your heating system can be a difficult decision, which is why we offer a free quotation on installation and provide a detailed explanation on the types of boilers available

Gas Boiler Systems

Gas boiler systems, using natural or bottled LPG gas, with boilers that are over 90% efficient. Replacing an old inefficient boiler can reduce running costs significantly.

Oil Boiler Systems

High efficiency oil boiler systems using the latest condensing boilers that recycle otherwise lost heat. Combination of conventional, internal or external, wall or floor mounted models available with extended boiler warranty.

Ground Source Heating Systems

Central or under-floor heating systems that make use of the earth’s natural stored energy which means low energy bills to pay and more sustainable for a greener future

Solar Power Hot Water Systems

The eco-friendly solar systems can provide up 70% of you domestic hot water needs, are easy to install and can work alongside your gas, oil or ground source system to considerably reduce your fuel bills.

Under Floor Heating Systems

We design, supply and install complete under-floor heating systems which are extremely popular and both simple and dependable, with controls that make them both efficient and easy to use, whilst maximising wall space with no negative visual impact.

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