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Renewable Energy

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are defined as devices that transfers heat from natural surroundings to properties by reversing the natural flow of heat so that it flows from a lower to a higher temperature. Saltire offer different heat pump solutions enabling you to capture the stored energy and use it to heat your home.

As fossil fuel prices continue to rise and their emissions threaten the environment, many people in the UK are looking for alternative sources of energy that can both save them money and reduce their impact on the environment. Most people now realise that we cannot sustain current levels of pollution through consumption of fossil fuels (which, as well as being damaging, are in finite supply and depleting evermore rapidly). Choosing a heat pump solution for your home means you are choosing to take responsibility for your own planet's future.

By harnessing the energy stored in the ground, you are tapping in to a source of free energy whilst keeping your home warm and providing yourself and family with a desirable level of comfort. It works just like a refrigerator, but in reverse – moving energy from one place to another. The savings that a heat pump will provide depend on many factors and due to each system being unique, you are best speaking to experts such us at the good people here at Saltire about whether and which heat pump systems can be advantageous to you.

Heat Pumps Edinburgh


The money you can potentially save using heat pumps will depend on a variety of different factors which we would explain and go through with you. The main thing is that it’s well integrated with your current heating set up and puts you in full control. Also, it’s important that the heat pump system you have installed is done so with realistic expectations for your specific environment and isn’t unduly relied upon if you have high level energy needs in your home (like most families). If it’s possible to implement, under-floor heating is typically more energy efficient than centrally heated radiators as the water doesn’t need to be heated up to such high temperatures.

Heat pumps can reduce domestic heating and maintenance costs compared to traditional boilers as well as negate the need for fuel deliveries. Installing a good quality heat pump will also undoubtedly add market value to your property.

You can save up to 80% of your heating costs compared to electric heating systems and up to 60% on heating costs compared to oil-fired or LPG boilers. In fact, savings can be so high that the cost of investment is paid back in just a few years.


Many modern heat pumps can both heat and cool your home, providing a comfortable indoor climate right through the year. A heat pump needs minimal servicing or maintenance and once installed, you rarely have to worry about it (unlike traditional boilers!).

Government Renewable Heat incentive

As well as the benefit for producing free heating for your home and doing your bit for the environment, there is now a Government incentive called RH (Renewable Heating Incentive)

Refer to renewable heat incentive (RHI) or Energy Savings Trust (EST) for current tariffs.

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